In cooperation with the most specialized agencies in Greece in the field of real estate, we offer our clients complete services.

Finding a property

We are looking for and find the best properties in Greece, with emphasis on the top areas (Mykonos, Santorini, Athens front beach) and absolute focus on the properties located on the sea.

Project presentation

We organize your trip to Greece for your visit to the property / land you are interested in. We arrange all the details of your flight tickets, your stay and all the internal travel you will need.

Price negotiation

We undertake the negotiations to achieve the best possible price and overall agreement for our customer.

Urban planning and exploitation studies

The engineers of our company control the building legality of the property on the basis of building permits and settlements that have been made.

Then, they update the building conditions and the land uses of the property to be examined and present you in detailed graphs the possibilities of building and building the property.

Legal validation

Our legal associates collect and check property titles of the property you are interested in.

Tax solutions

The property, both as a building project and as a final building, is assigned to a tax consultant, who processes, analyzes and presents the best financial and real estate scenarios for the property (proposals for a property regime that reduces the tax contributions for the property etc)

Contract signing process

Our company undertakes the complete process of issuing and collecting all required documents (certificates of VAT, Municipality, certificates and attestations of engineers, land registry) in order to sign the contract for the transfer of the property.

Architectural studies

In cooperation with the top architectural offices of the country or abroad, according to the architectural style desired by the client, we prepare the architectural study of the property in the light of the modern design and the full appearance and exploitation of the separate site of the plot.

Static & electromechanical studies

We are preparing all the legal studies required to issue a building permit for the property.

Issuance of licenses & necessary approvals

Our company undertakes the preparation and processing of all necessary pre-approval and final approvals, as well as the complete process of issuing a building permit for the construction or renovation of the property.

Project budget & schedule

We prepare detailed budgets and timetables for the building project, so that the client has a full picture of the project’s financial and time dimensions.

Project management & construction

We undertake the complete project management of the project.

Issuing licenses

We complete all the steps for obtaining a license for business property and the final connection to utility networks for each type of property.

Maintenance, insurance & property security

We offer integrated solutions for regular maintenance of the property and its insurance and custody services in cooperation with leading companies in the respective sectors.

Rental and exploitation of real estate

We manage the property completely, at the customer’s request, in order to bring the greatest economic benefits to its owner.

Property resale

We ensure the resale value so that the initial investment on the property has the maximum possible return.